domenica 14 giugno 2009

Daring Cooks challenge: chinese dumplings or potstickers

For the June challenge for the Daring Cooks, Jen of use real butter chose to challenge us to make chinese dumplings or potstickers. I loved the dumplings.

The recipe worked well, just as presented by Jen at userealbutter blog. I have used 120 gr water.


Helped my daughter Sara.I used for the filling the pork. I loved using instead ofthe shitake mushrooms carrots. The tastes were amazing. Absolutely delicious.I love making dumplings!Yesterday I made 75 dumplings!Thanks for this recipe Jen.I like Chinese food very much.


2 commenti:

Jen Yu ha detto...

Nice job on your challenge! They look wonderful and have that lovely golden crispy base :) So happy you enjoyed them too. xxoo

natalia ha detto...

che belli ! Vi sono venuti benissimo !!