venerdì 14 agosto 2009

Daring Cooks: Rice with mushrooms, cuttlefish and artichokes

This month’s Daring Cook’s challenge was Rice with Mushrooms, Cuttlefish, and Artichokes.

The recipes picked by Olga of Olga’s Recipes by José Andrés, one of the most important Spanish Chefs at the moment. The recipe is from his US TV show Made in Spain.

I love paella, so I took a course with a Spanish chef to prepare the paella.
Paella is for spanish like pasta for Italians, there are many ways to prepare it.
This recipe was not very tasty. I prefer the traditional paella.
I did half the recipe, and I replaced the cuttlefish with sea bream and two meatballs. Artichokes are not in this period, I had to fall back on those frozen, and did not add any value to the dish. The only really good thing was the sofregit, I repeat only that.

Good day to all.

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Simon ha detto...

I found the same problem with the end result. Somewhat bland. Still happy that I saw to the challenge though as I've never made a paella before :)

Bella ha detto...

Ciao! I have found your blog as a new member of The Cake Slice....I live in America and am of full Italian heritage. I will enjoy reading your posts from Italy. I added myself as a follower of your blog so I remember to read it! Amore', Roz